Unravelling Excellence


Unravelling Excellence

Our vision

Our vision is to emerge as a leading brand in educational services in North-East India providing high quality educational services.

Our Mission

To make effective contribution in producing productive individuals in the North-East India through imparting quality education, right guidance and innovating learning system.

Our values

Excellence: Unraveling and grooming the latent talents of each individual to attain high purposive goals.

Creativity: Continuously innovating for new and better solutions.

Altruism: Dedicated for the benefit of the humanity

Student-centric: Committed to the empowerment of the student’s academic excellence and life skills.

Responsibilty: Taking pride in our actions and going beyond the call of duty in shaping individuals’s future.

Career Path Finder

Career Pathfinder is a not -for -profit organization established to cater the needs of the rural people of Manipur and other states of the North East India in the field of Education.

The objective of this institute is to produce more number of productive individuals through imparting quality education, right guidance and scientific learning approach.

Career Pathfinder is situated at Ukhrul District of Manipur –“a jeweled land nestled deep within a lush green corner of North East India.

We are committed and dedicated to provide high quality focused educational services.

Our team

Career pathfinder team consist of a committed, dedicated and visionary individuals who aspire to bringing improvements in the lives of the community.

Approximately, 80% of the team in our organization is women and 20% are men.

Diverse academic backgrounds ranging from MA (social work), MA (psychology) , MA (political science) , MA (Sociology) , MA (English + B.Ed.) , , MSc. (Life science) , BSc (Anthropology) , MBA etc. are found in our team.

We have 13 permanent staffs and 4 trainers on contractual basis.

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